Hq Reference Dac Es9018s



  • Dig In 1: S/PDIF coaxial (RCA 75 Ohms)

  • Dig In 2: Toslink Optical

  • Dig In 3: AES/EBU balanced (XLR 110 Ohms)

  • Dig In 4: USB AUDIO -Amanero (DSD 512 over PCM)

  • Any inputs from 1 to 3 can receive stereo audio encoded signal up to 192 kHz/32Bit.


  • 1 x Analog RCA outputs (LEFT-RIGHT)

  • 1 x XLR balanced analog outputs (LEFT-RIGHT)

  • LL1684 for I/V outputs


  • 1 x ES9018S + All LT3042 supply

  • Bandwidth: 20Hz-20kHz -0.2dB typical

  • Output voltage: 2Vrms unbalanced, 4Vrms balanced

  • THD < 0,001%


  • 4 x button Input channel selection (In1 - In4)

  • 1 x Mute button


  • 1 power transformers (20 W in use)

  • Nominal AC line voltage : 220 or 230V

  • Input voltage range : +/- 10%

  • Fuse 1.6A


  • 330 W x 320 D x 70 H (mm). 7 kg


  • 1 years, parts and labor


  • Description
Hq-Audio is proud to announce the latest addition to our level ES9038PRO series with the new Hq-9038 Tube DAC. Under development for over 5 years it’s quite incredible this product is available as a kit, rather it is an exceptional piece of high-end audio that can also be purchased in kit form or as factory assembled.
Our brief was to build on our current DAC expertise and develop one of the finest digital to analog converters on the market today. We leveraged our Mentor shunt power supply technology and combined that with a film capacitor architecture dedicated to delivering unparalleled performance.
The dynamics, the smoothness, the end result - a staggering experience for the modern audiophile and a chance to re-experience their entire digital collection.
HV Dual Power Supply for Tube i/V
The Power supply for the Audio system is very important as the power supply factor feeds the whole audio system. Not only that, power is also a key factor in determining the output audio quality. In fact the noise level of a power supply must be designed to minimum noise level. Hq-Audio has succeeded in using and designing voltage sources for audio systems such as Pre-amps, Phono-amps, DAC and Power Amplifiers. The Hq9038-HV regulator is a dedicated high voltage regulator designed for Tube preamplifiers with the following features.
Pure Tube i/V Output
The HQ9038-Tube DAC has an Analouge output design that surpasses all earlier designs. The DAC chips balanced outputs are converted to unbalanced using the HQ unique technology, which gives great experiences and creates unbelievably stunning soundstage.
In particular, the output of the DAC has an impedance of less than 100 Ohm and 3VRMS. Which makes it ideal for connecting the ES9038PRO to the power amplifier without the need of a pre-amplifier. In addition, the high-voltage supply for the Tubes in the analouge output is optimized using Mosfets with very low internal resistance and a noise level of 1 uV. The high- voltage supply are equipped with high end components including several non-polarized MKP capacitors to provide crystal clear sound, increased dynamic and create deep and wide sound stage.
Music Server in HQ-9038 Tube Dac 
DAC integrates a Raspberry Pi3 to be the dedicated Music Server. It take advantage of the endless digital music sources, especially the DSD64 format are very close to the sound of the SA-CD. The time for using bundles of expensive CDs and SA-CDs is over.
This Music Server will give you choose High resolution audio files. Actually, the DAC plays all formats of digital music file.
HQ Audio has selected the Raspberry Pi3 for music server, as this piece of a small computer can be setup as a Music source that plays with an immersive listening experience. that HQ Audio appreciate and admired for playing music better than a most then most of computers used as Music server.
Thorough, Andrea, Morten Audio have successfully conquered the potential of the ES9038PRO. Hq-Audio has succeeded in creating a full-featured ES9038-TUBE DAC with a DAC player. This is a premium and luxurious gift for your home audio system. We would like to send you this design with the energetic and sweet sound of the Tube!
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