ES9038 Music Server


  • Dig In 1: S/PDIF coaxial (RCA 75 Ohms)
  • Dig In 2: Toslink Optical
  • Dig In 3: AES/EBU balanced (XLR 110 Ohms)
  • Dig In 4: USB AUDIO -Amanero (DSD 512 over PCM)
  • Any inputs from 1 to 3 can receive stereo audio encoded signal up to 192 kHz/32Bit.
  • 1 x Analog RCA Tube outputs (LEFT-RIGHT)
  • 1 x Analog RCA Solid State outputs (LEFT-RIGHT)
  • 1 x Analog 6.35mm Headphone Jack (LEFT-RIGHT)
  • 1 x ES9038PRO + All LT3042 supply
  • Bandwidth: 20Hz-20kHz -0.2dB typical
  • Output voltage: 3Vrms unbalanced, 6Vrms balanced
  • THD < 0,001%
  • 2 x button Input channel selection (In1 - In4)
  • 1 x Mute button
  • 1 x standby button
  • Separate Led standby (red)
MUSIC SERVER-Raspberry Pi 3 
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 3  + Low noise 5A supply
  • Software: Moode Audio, Volumio, RuneAudio, Picoreplayer
  • Connect: network , wifi, computer, Ipad, mobile phone, nad, hard drive,music online
  • 3 Separate power transformers (50 W in use, 2 W in standby)
  • 1 transformer that is always under voltage
  • 1 transformers that are cut off for energy savings when the unit is on standby mode
  • Nominal AC line voltage : 220 or 230V
  • Input voltage range : +/- 10%
  • Fuse 1.6A
  • 435 W x 330 D x 70 H (mm). 10.5 kg
  • 1 years, parts and labor


  • Description

As the popular digital music source, thanks to the convenience and sound quality of traditional music sources, the DSD is gradually gaining in popularity. However, a hi-end digital music player is still in the luxury category compared to the masses.
ES9038 Music Server is:

  • It is a 32bit DSD512 ES9038PRO 32-bit high-end audio decoder (DAC)
  • It is a self-playing device, which plays itself through hard drive, computer, cd player, Nad, network, online music in any format including DSD 512.
  • As a music player for other DACs with a standalone Pi3 Music Server.
  • Equipped with a variety of output outputs: 1 Semiconductor Output +1 6DJ8 Electronic Output Output +1 32 Ohm Low Headphone Output.
  • A preamplifier for direct connection to the amplier
  • As a link production equipment, multinational design forms beautiful, professional multi-functional, high-end features.
  • The ES9038 Music Server integrates a headphone amplifier

The ES9038 Music Server has three separate Analgue output options:
Semiconductor output, fast-paced fast-paced tuning - this is a special feature. With a feedback-free design that delivers a natural, natural sound that is close to the sound of a coal disc. This is the best choice for classical music.
Output tube SE uses a 12AU7 lamp - famous with large and large number of harmonics, very lyrical, sweet at high resolution, warm soft bass, high divergent tone, clear power of deep relaxation. Choose for vocalists or inspirational love songs.
32 Ohm low-impedance headphone output, optionally for the need of playing the auditory grinding headphones Headphone.
With 3 Semiconductor Outputs and Electronic Lamps: ES9038 Music Server is a unique, unique product that does not have many Audio Applicators.
ES9038 Music Server - We do not have to worry about buying a computer anymore. It's simple to just phone any ipad or ipad wherever connected wifi can be melodious with the music you like. And it's also comfortable with remote control, volume control, direct connection to semiconductor or electronic lamps without the need to coordinate impedance. Turn off DAC anywhere before ES9038 Music Server.

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