Hq Reference Dac Es9018s


 Hq-Audio is proud to announce the fist addition to our level ES9018S series with the new HQ reference DAC ES9018S . Under development for over 5 years it’s quite incredible this product is available as a kit, rather it is an exceptional piece of high-end audio that can also be purchased in kit form or as factory assembled.


  • Mô tả
  • ES9018S chip.
  • All Low Noise LT3042
  • Control Volume and Remote.
  • Lundahl LL1684 Transfomer  output
  • New HQ-HV Power Supply.
  • Full ground isolation from USB module
  • RCA SPDIF input.
  • Toslink input.
  • Neutrik AES/XLR input.
  • Amanero USB Module.
  • Available as a Kit or Factory Assembled (Finished Product).

     The Premium USB interface 

USB is supported by a unique true asynchronous FPGA based solution from the italian company Amanero. We believe it is the sound leading USB interface and gives a perfect Audio match for the Raspberry Pi. Besides being excellent in sound, the USB interface supports future high resolution audio format in PCM up to 384 and up to DSD512

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