HV supply kit



♥ Output:
♥ positive voltage: 100-270VDC.
♥ voltage: 100-270VDC.
♥ Low noise, Low Z-out
♥ Use mosfet
♥ Oput cap MKP Solen
♥ Filemant Tube: 6.3VDC
Need for Pure IV or Other Pre with (+ - 100 to 270VDC)


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Power supply for Pre, Phono, Loudspeakers .. Audio system is very important, it is the power supply factor and feeds the whole audio system. Not only that, power is also a key factor in determining the output audio quality. Basically, it must be clean enough so that the system does not have a lot of noise.
Hq-Audio has succeeded in using and designing voltage sources for audio systems such as Pre, Phono, DAC, Amplifier ...,The Hq9038-HV regulator is one of the high voltage voltage regulators designed for preamplifiers using the Tube with the following features:

positive voltage:
♥ 100-270VDC. 
negative voltage:
♥ 100-270VDC.
♥ Input: 130 V to 350 VDC.
♥ Input Voltage and Min Output Voltage 35V.
♥ The output voltage is controlled by the Vr1.Vr2 variable.
♥ Noise below 10uV.
♥ Very good PSRR reaches 160dB (60khZ - 100kHz).
♥ Output impedance: 0.03 mOhm.
Low Supply: 6 to 12VDC
♥ Filemant Tube: 6.3VDC
Power requirements: 
♥ Hq9038 Transfomer
♥ PCB dimension: 13 x 19cm 
♥PCB thickness: 1.6mm, double layer, 2oz copper.

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