Es9038Pro Dac


ES9038 chip Dac
Reference for HQq-Audio
Best design for chip ES9038pro

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♥ Voltage DC: +1.65 VDC
♥ Output: Stereo balanced
♥ Output impedance 50 Ω.
♥ Input: 4 inputs:
1. USB-match with Amanero USB (not included).
2. Spdif- RCA
4. Optical.
♥ Support: 44,88,96,192,352, 384KHz PCM and DSD 512.
♥ Supply: Digiltal & Analog supply:
All low noise LT3042.
♥ PCB dimension: 11.5x 18 cm
♥ PCB thickness: 1.6mm, double layer, 2oz copper.
♥ Symmetric layout design and signal paths with minimum parasitic.
♥ Dedicated ground and power rails layout design.
♥ Two large reservoir decoupling capacitors for power rails.

Parts Compliment includes:
all same as image
♥ ES9038PRO chip.
♥ CCHD-575, Ultra-Low Phase Noise Crystal Oscillator.
♥ All Input connecters, Amanero USB (not included)
♥ All low noise LT3042
♥ LT1117.

Power requirements:
♥ Transformer 15VA to 25VA:
2 x 6-8VAC: Talema 70050 or Talema 70060 Or equivalent.

♥ LCD Control Kit + Remote
♥ Chassis for Hq 9038 Tube DAc
Use: HQ-9038 Tube DAC

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 20 x 30 x 20 cm
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