Pure I/v Tube For Es9038pro



SPECIFICATIONS: Pure i/V Tube for ES9038 Dac Reference for HQ9038PRO Tube DAC Best design for ES9038pro

♥ Voltage gain: 3Rms (single-ended) and 6V rms (balanced)
♥ Bandwidth: 20-100KHz
♥ Frequency Flatness: 20-20KHz (+/-0.01dB)
♥ THD: 0.018%
♥ Input impedance 100K Ω
♥ Output impedance 100 Ω
♥ Two balanced inputs.
♥ Two single-ended and balanced outputs.
♥ Symmetric layout design and signal paths with minimum parasitic.
♥ Dedicated ground and power rails layout design.
♥ Two large reservoir decoupling capacitors for power rails.

Parts Compliment includes:
all same as image
And vacuum tubes.
♥ Two 12AU7-Mullard
♥ Two 6922 / E88CC-Harmonix
♥ 4 x 1µF / 630V, M-Cap®ZN.

Power requirements:
♥ one 220-260V (40mA) DC
♥ one 100-120V (40mA) DC
♥ one 6,3V (3A) DC

♥ PCB dimension: 19.5 x 19cm
♥ PCB thickness: 1.6mm, double layer, 2oz copper.

1. HQ Power Transformer
2. Hq-HV Regulator Kit.

♥ ES9038PRO, ES9028PRO, AKM4497
or othe DAC

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