World’s Best Amplifier-Clone Telos 400 -5000

Quang Hao has been listening to and enjoying many expensive and famous li sound of many companies, but impressed and most still is the sound of Goldmun. So, Quang Hao went to Vinh three times to open the Telos 400 li for $ 80 thousand, Hand touch, take pictures, take notes … and finally after 15 times to do again PCB, It must be said that: too much work, fire many oysters, self-ignite, fire explosion as rice meal, Finally, Quang Hao copied it successfully with sound sonic that you expected:

Luxury sound, beautiful parameters. Broadband, bass very nice, especially high resolution smooth …. I love you! (Quang Hao respectfully Thank the owner of TL 400 – please do not name) has helped me complete this lot.

Please see it!

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