Kit Es9038pro Dac

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ES9038 chip Dac Reference for Hq-Audio Best design for chip ES9038pro

  • ES9038 chip Dac
  • Reference for HQq-Audio
  • Best design for chip ES9038pro

The main characteristics of the ES9038 are  the patented 32-bit Hyperstream™ DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator.
This is the first DAC chip that does not use the master clock on I2S bus and it automatically resample the input signal at the highest resolution available 32bit 384KHz.


  • Voltage DC: +1.65 VDC
  • Output: Stereo balanced
  • Output impedance 50 Ω.

Input: 4 inputs:

  1. USB-match with Amanero USB (not included).
  2. Spdif- RCA
  3. AES/EBU.
  4. Optical.

Support: 44,88,96,192,352, 786KHz PCM and DSD 512.

  • Supply: Digiltal & Analog supply: All low noise LT3042.
  • PCB dimension: 11.5x 18 cm
  • PCB thickness: 1.6mm, double layer, 2oz copper.
  • Symmetric layout design and signal paths with minimum parasitic.
  • Dedicated ground and power rails layout design.
  • Two large reservoir decoupling capacitors for power rails.

Parts Compliment includes: all same as image

  • ES9038PRO chip.
  • CCHD-575, Ultra-Low Phase Noise Crystal Oscillator.
  • All Input connecters, Amanero USB (not included)
  • All low noise LT3042
  • LT1117.

Power requirements:

  • Transformer 15VA to 25VA: 2 x 6-8VAC: Talema 70050 or Talema 70060 Or equivalent.


  • LCD Control Kit + Remote
  • Chassis for Hq 9038 Tube DAC

Use: HQ-9038 Tube DAC

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