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15:10 | 05/10/2018


The following streaming services and technologies are available on LUMIN players.
Some services may require a subscription payment.


Subscription-based music streaming service

What is Spotify

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos from artists all over the world.

LUMIN + Spotify Connect

With support for Spotify Connect, you can choose LUMIN as a playback device from within the Spotify App.

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High Resolution Streaming technology

What is MQA

MQA is a revolutionary technology that brings the listener as close as possible to the artist’s original performance. Using pioneering scientific research into how people hear, MQA technology captures the full magic of the original audio performance, in a file that’s small enough to stream or download. The days of sacrificing quality for convenience are over.


LUMIN network music players can automatically perform Core Decoding and Hardware Rendering of MQA-encoded streams to get the maximum available Hi-Res music data (up to 24-bit 384kHz).

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Subscription-based music management service

What is Roon

Roon is the most engaging, enjoyable way to browse your music.

Being Roon Ready means that LUMIN network music players transparently discover and connect to Roon, with no network configuration, with bit-perfect delivery of audio to your dac.

Together, Roon and LUMIN deliver the power, flexibility, and performance benefits of networked audio, with the easiest setup and highest reliability available.

LUMIN + Roon

LUMIN is Roon Ready and in combination with the Roon Core and Controller can provide powerful internet-enabled music browsing and discovery. In addition, the Roon Core can also perform real-time DSD128 conversion and DSP processing for room correction, equalizing, and more.

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Subscription-based lossless and MQA music streaming service

What is TIDAL

No compromise. With TIDAL’s lossless audio experience, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended on LUMIN. TIDAL on LUMIN lets you play all your favorite music in High Fidelity sound quality. Choose from millions of tracks, and get behind the music with expertly Curated Editorial recommendations, album presentations, playlists, articles, features and interviews by experienced music journalists.

What countries can get TIDAL

See a list here


TIDAL is built right into the heart of the LUMIN App, featuring the same LUMIN browsing interface and searching capabilities. You can mix playlists between local music and TIDAL music seamlessly and you can even save playlists back to your TIDAL account.

A TIDAL subscription also includes access to Hi-Res Masters MQA albums.

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Subscription-based lossless and Hi-Res music streaming service

What is Qobuz

Qobuz is a music service offering unlimited lossless streaming and Hi-Res downloads from a truly comprehensive catalogue of albums across all genres, including all major and all independent labels.

What countries can get Qobuz

Qobuz is mainly a European service, see www.qobuz.com/gb-en/ for more information.

LUMIN + Qobuz

Qobuz is built right into the heart of the LUMIN App, featuring the same LUMIN browsing interface and searching capabilities. You can mix playlists between local music and Qobuz music seamlessly and you can even save playlists back to your Qobuz account.

With a Qobuz Sublime account, you can stream -purchased Hi-Res music in 24-bit formats up to 192kHz.

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Apple local network streaming technology

What is AirPlay

AirPlay is a proprietary protocol developed by Apple Inc. that allows wireless streaming between devices of audio, video, device screens, and photos, together with related metadata.

LUMIN + AirPlay

LUMIN is an AirPlay compatible receiver. Streaming to LUMIN is lossless providing that the iPhone/iPad is set to maximum volume. LUMIN will appear on your iOS device with the name you have given it in the LUMIN App settings.

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Free radio streaming service

What is TuneIn

TuneIn enables people to discover, follow and listen to what's most important to them — from sports, to news, to music, to talk. TuneIn provides listeners access to over 100,000 real radio stations and more than four million podcasts streaming from every continent.

LUMIN + TuneIn

TuneIn is built right into the heart of the LUMIN App. Simply create a free TuneIn account and add Radio Stations to your TuneIn 'Library' for them to appear in the LUMIN App.

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