The Best Hv Supply Kit


Output:  positive voltage: ♥ 100-270VDC.  negative voltage: ♥ 100-270VDC. ♥ Input: 130 V to 350 VDC. ♥ Input Voltage and Min Output Voltage 35V. ♥ The output voltage is controlled by the Vr1.Vr2 variable. ♥ Noise below 10uV. ♥ Very good PSRR reaches 160dB (60khZ - 100kHz). ♥ Output impedance: 0.03 mOhm. Low Supply: 6 to 12VDC ♥ Filemant Tube: 6.3VDC Power requirements:  ♥ Hq9038 Transfomer ♥ PCB dimension: 13 x 19cm  ♥PCB thickness: 1.6mm, double layer, 2oz copper.

Power supply for Pre, Phono, Loudspeakers .. Audio system is very important, it is the power supply factor and feeds the whole audio system. Not only that, power is also a key factor in determining the output audio quality. Basically, it must be clean enough so that the system does not have a lot of noise.
Hq-Audio has succeeded in using and designing voltage sources for audio systems such as Pre, Phono, DAC, Amplifier ...,The Hq9038-HV regulator is one of the high voltage voltage regulators designed for preamplifiers using the Tube with the following features:


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