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ES9018 “DAC-END R” Fully Assembled DAC

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DAC End 2

After the good result obtain with the DAC End I have design with Nguyen Quang Hao a set of boards to create a cheaper project with a sonic performances very near.


INTRODUCTION After many time lost to explore the DAC world from the DAC 1.0 to the DAC Final I have found the end of this way. The No Oversampling DAC give a more natural sound but if you ear the TDA1541 and TDA1543 seem to lose details. The AD1865N-K with passive I/V give a perfect combination, natural sound and all the details.


The Hq-audio Media room is the achievement of 5 years of research and development in the audio and video technologies. Today, Hq-Audio is proud to present a system that concentrates all the expertise of the company in an integrated Home Theater solution that offers THE ultimate experience.

HQ reference DAC ES9018S - USB PCM / DSD DAC - version 2

August 2013 - now > new group open to buy kit or assembled <

New Hi-end headphone amplifier

INTRODUCTION In these years there was many interest about my SESS Tube Headphone Amplifier published on Headwize because it is simple and it give a very good sound. Now I have decided to start a new project using all my new experiences and the best components on the market like the new amorphous C-core by Lundahl.

DAC Server: Measurements on Analog stage

Measurements on the DAC servers updated Analog Section.

Hq9038 Tube DAC- and Duelund

Hq9038 Tube DAC and Duelund

DAC ES9038 Pro

INTRODUCTION After the great success the second version Quang Hào opens a new group buy to produce a new series of DAC modules with the best chip available on the market. >>> first group buy closed <<< >>> second group buy open <<<

HQ Audio HQ reference DAC ES9018S review

From Italy (and of Vietnamese origin) came another highly attractive DAC offering, in a rather cool and stylish outfit. Based on the ESS ES9018 Sabre chip which is quite popular and could be found in many DACs but of course, the DAC chip is only one part of the whole story, the surrounding circuitry, the power supply and other components are highly important as well. There is some controversy in regard to importance of the DAC chip and many believe there are other things that play a bigger role in the sound of a DAC.

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