I. Warranty Policy:

- Product warranty is to overcome the faults, technical problems occur due to the manufacturer's fault.

- Apply for products that do not qualify for renewal.

- The warranty period for each device is shown on the stamp on the warranty card attached to the product.

II. Warranty conditions:

- Warranty free of all defects or technical problems caused by the manufacturer.

- The following cases will not be covered:

+ The equipment has no warranty card or handover minutes, warranty card and handover minutes have been modified information, patchy, torn.

+ The equipment has no warranty stamps of manufacturers, distributors and the company HQ-AUDIO. Warranty stamp has been modified or inaccurate, torn, blurred ...

+ Using the wrong voltage, over capacity of the device or fire, explosion, breakage, mismanagement, fracture, perforation, scratches, shape changes, equipment smells dirty, rusty, watery. .

+ Damage caused by natural disasters, animals, insects or humans.

+ Accessories consumed during the process of use such as battery, charger, control, cable signal, or equipment caused by the fan causing fire ...

+ The data, documents, documents and software, stored with the product (including during the warranty).

+ All software errors.

+ The warranty expiry date inscribed on stamps and equipment handover minutes.

Warranty does not include shipping and delivery.

III. Beyond the warranty period.

- For the hardware of the product: The company will support, repair replacement parts at preferential prices.

- For application software: The company is committed to support the installation of software applications (no violation of copyright laws) for the product lifelong.

IV. Inquiries, complaints about warranty issues:

- All inquiries, complaints about warranty issues please contact us at: +84 902578899
- Working time:

Morning from 8h30 to 12h00

Afternoon from 13h00 to 17h30 (Applies to all days of the year except holidays, Tet.)

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HQ Audio

P1116 Kim Van, Kim Lu, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

(+84) 902578899