Company Information

Welcome to Hq-Audio Hq-Audio is a Vietnamese brand with design and technology links to international partners. It is the number 1 quality audio design brand in Vietnam with many products such as: Dac, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, phono, loudspeaker, music system. Especially in the digital to analogue converters has been reviewed and praised for the High Sound quality as Well as the mechancal engineering in Vietnam as well as in the rest of the world!

Company Establish:

Starting out with a Degree of graphic art and painting added to a lifelong passion for natural sounding audio, and wanting to create the Best Sounding audio products, Quang Hao founded Hq-Audio in 2008

Design philosophy and quality:

High quality Hq audio products are a subtle combination of graphic art and painting. Quang Hao always attaches great importance to sound and sophistication, and is invested in the design of the design so the products are developed in terms of technical specifications and sweet and seductive sound. Regardless of the form.

Research and Development:

So far, Hq-Audio's products, especially DIgital to analoge converters are playing in almost every country in the world. We have been developing complete audio-visual solutions, With overall harmony of the whole system, giving the enjoyment of the experience and the best moments of relaxation.

The Design team:

Hq-Audio design team is a combination of experienced DIY and Professional design engineers integrated in the audio society communities in ASIA, Europe and USA. The design team includes poeple like Andrea (Italy), Morten (Denmark), Salas (Greece), John Broskie Tube Cad United States), Keantoken (USA), Pavel Pogodin -Russia, Quatmo-Vietnma.  All with a long Background in designing High end audio and ready to meet all requirements of customers with good soundstage and ambience , durable, timeless design.

The design team creates a prime proponent of a dedicated, no-frills, minimalist approach, leaving out tone controls, balance controls, etc. in order to maintain signal integrity. Each product is designed to serve the single purpose of maintaining the integrity of the input signal with no subtractive or additive colorations.


Hq-Audio continuously improves its services to customers in the process of packing, shipping, warranty ... All Products are guaranteed worldwide and warranty free in the first year of use. Hq-Audio is always available to advise customers on technical matters, use and coordination in home audio systems. Fill free to contact us for the best advice for you.

Best regards!

Manager Quanghao

Hq-Audio Group

Hq-Audio Group
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