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HQ-Audio's return / return policy allows customers to return one / several products in the order, and may choose to receive a refund or return the replacement product. However, we have a few simple requirements for making a return / exchange for you.

You may request to change / return the product in your order for any reason in the list below:

Not as expected / Not satisfied: The product does not meet your expectations
Breakage: Product breakage / scratch / deformation during transportation
Technical error: The product does not function as described in the manufacturer's specifications
The wrong product: The wrong product you have placed (wrong size, wrong color, ...)
Lack of products / accessories: Lack of product / lack of accessories as listed outside the packaging
Not fit: You get the right size, but not used
False product information: The product is not the same as the description, image, or technical specifications posted on the website (possibly due to a website error, or incorrect product information).
The following are general requirements for the return / exchange of goods:

  • The validity of the change / return is 24 hours from the date of receipt
  • You also confirm the purchase at HQ-Audio (order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, bank statement ...).
  • The product is not in the Restricted Lists category. The product must have original stamps, marks, original packaging (except for defective or damaged products in transit) with full accessories (including manuals, warranty cards .... ) and attached gifts (if any)
  • The product has no used sign or installed any input data
  • All the sealed parts have not been opened
  • In case you have opened the seal of the product, please contact the manufacturer's warranty center according to the information on the warranty card for support.
  • Refund Policy:

HQ-Audio will refund to you immediately after the quality inspection / change process is completed. This process may take 3-5 business days.

HQ-Audio will refund you in two forms: receive money right at HQ-Audio and you will receive via bank account.

The refund period may be earlier or later depending on your cardholder's bank.

Thank you and look forward to serving you!

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