Invite letter for cooperation

17:03 | 26/03/2022

Dear customers, Audiophiles, individuals and partners in Vietnam and the world market. Especially like to invest in the field of high-end audio equipment production.



Hq-audio (quanghao audio) is one of the companies specializing in designing and manufacturing high-end audio equipment in Vietnam. Especially in the field of DAC, Music server and digital music playing solutions. The products are exported to many countries and are highly appreciated, trusted by audiophiles to buy.

With more than 10 years of experience in the audio field, Hq-audio we have taken steps to develop and constantly improve our products and services to best meet the needs of our customers. Our goal in the coming years will be to strive to become the number one audio production company in Vietnam, and the top in the world, especially in the field of audio decoding, music server, entertainment. digital music player.

Along with the strong development of the global and regional economy in recent years, Hq-audio has always been trusted by Audiophiles, high-end audio players in Vietnam and around the world.

With the desire to develop and share creations, designs, products, further and more popular to all audiophiles with the same motto: Anyone can use HQ products. - Audio.

Therefore, Hq-Audio would like to send an invitation to cooperate to the following subjects:

  • Organizations, Enterprises, Individuals who own, are interested in and have information in the field of high-end audio, audio decoding, digital music playing solutions...
  • Audio-loving individuals, audio producers
  • Looking forward to cooperate with us in the field of high-end audio in Vietnam and the world market.
  • The purpose is to jointly carry out Investment - Business activities in order to increase the value and promote the common brand for both parties.
  • We are committed to always providing you, your company, investors and partners with the best products and services with a reasonable fee policy, and many other incentives. With goodwill to cooperate for mutual development, Hq-audio believes in good and long-term success in the cooperation process between us and our partners.

Cooperation contact information:


Mr. Nguyen Quang Hao
Phone (+84) 0902578899
Address: P218 CT12C Kim Van Urban Area, Kim Lu, Hoang Mai, Hanoi, Vietnam

Quang Hao

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