Thoroughly handle the problem of power supply for the audio system

16:03 | 24/03/2022
SILVER AUDIO POWER SYSTEM is a power filter and socket designed and manufactured by Hq-Audio, a brand specializing in Dac and high-end audio equipment.

This is a high-end product of Hq-Audio, designed as an advanced, breakthrough solution to thoroughly handle problems and power (especially interference) for hi-fi, hi-end audio systems. , with a small investment but very high efficiency.

SILVER AUDIO POWER SYSTEM brings many outstanding features and technologies such as:

  1. Noise reduction filter for both modes is Common Mode (common mode) and Differential Mode (differential mode).
  2. Reduce RFI noise up to 60dB.
  3. 6 separate independent filters for the 6 output sockets, and are thoroughly isolated to limit cross-interference from shared electronics.
  4. Impedance equalization and equal power supply on all outputs.
  5. Genuine high-end components from Canada such as Leviton, Duluend, Furutech...
  6. Diversified and stable output current: 2 outputs provide 6A for amplifiers, and 4 outputs 3A are used for DAC, Music Sever, CD, Turntable...
  7. Beautiful design, convenient, thick aluminum shell, reasonable layout, solid.

SILVER AUDIO POWER SYSTEM possesses Hq-audio's advanced noise filtering technology and features,

Professionally designed boards, high-end components, Completely handcrafted and carefully manufactured, meeting all the strict requirements of Audio players.

SILVER AUDIO POWER SYSTEM delivers quieter sound with less background noise. Upgrade your high-performance audio system at an extremely low cost.

SILVER AUDIO POWER SYSTEM thoroughly handles the problem of power supply, especially noise

SILVER AUDIO POWER SYSTEM is a great solution to thoroughly deal with the internal noise of the devices used, and deliver a quieter sound, fuller detail, and a fuller mid-bass and high-range sound. .

SILVER AUDIO POWER SYSTEM provides the audio system with hi-end power, stability and noise free, which optimizes performance and enhances sound quality unexpectedly.

SILVER AUDIO POWER SYSTEM is a valuable gift that Hq-Audio wants to share with all domestic and foreign audio enthusiasts.



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