05:08 | 02/08/2018

Here are some information about the product at PCX and ordering at Quanghao. We look forward to visiting:

Detailed information about the products, prices are available at:

1. Electrolytic Capacitors:

2. Film capacitors brands:

3. High-class resistors:

4. Connectors:

5.  High-grade fuses:

6. Transformer ( Hamond, Audinote…):

7.Wire & Cable

8. Vacuum Tubes & Sockets:


10. Speakers & Electronics:

12.Clearance Items:

Regulations on ordering, purchasing fee and domestic shipment fee are as follows:

1. How to buy:
Doctors need to buy the product please go to the Web site, select the item to buy and pm (or copy the order picture) Shop.

All orders are sent to e-mail: and phone number: 0978282698

Shop will check the unit price and calculate the value for the doctors or doctors can calculate according to the formula in Section 2 below.

2. Cost of goods purchase: means expenses including transportation costs from overseas to Vietnam, fees paid through Paypal, customs duties.
2.1. Purchase price for regular and non-promotional items: 0%.

2.2. The purchase price for ordinary items included in the promotion of the airline: 10%.

2.3 Purchase fees for heavy weight items regardless of whether they are within or outside the company's discount program: 12%.
That is the price on partsconnexion + 12% * price usd converted to VND from time to time.
For items with particularly heavy weight, the Shop will charge DV in accordance with the actual weight of the goods.

For individuals, bulk purchase, HQAudio will have special policies.

3. Domestic ship: 50k

4. Delivery time: Within 2 days after the order closing date.

5. Time of receipt: 10 days - from the date of closing the order.

We look forward to receiving your enthusiastic support. Thank you very much!

How to buy

1. Go to web site, register your account and pm link:

2. Submit order and order information then click Submit.

3. Or send the information and request to the mailbox: or phone: 0978282698

Nguyen Quang Hao, Account No .: 0011000698579 - Vietcombank, Head Office
Or Truong Thi Thanh Hao, Account No .: 19020148148017 -Techcombank, Head Office.
Tel: 0978282698/0902578899 Address: P1116 Floor 11 - CT11 - Kim Van urban area, Kim Kim district, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi.

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